The diary of the seasons

The seasons of 2020

While the coronavirus took over the world, for many time stood still. People were cooped up, the confrontation with death came closer. These still lifes show how the seasons changed, and how political changes also took place on a global level. Carine Van Gerven invites you to look, to dwell on details and to reflect.


As nature wakes up, butterflies flutter about and the danger of a virus lurks. Everybody is asked to stay in their cages. Cultural and social life come to a standstill. If one looks superficially at this still life, it seems to be a peaceful scene. However, the image is full of symbols referring to the spring of 2020 and the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.


Summer 2020. The urge to go outside is palpable. It is a lovely hot summer with still that looming danger.


Autumn 2020. Nature gives fruits, there is wealth, but still that virus keeps everyone locked up. In America, the presidential elections are coming up. The end of the President Trump era is in sight.

winter 2020

Winter 2020. Celebrating Christmas without family and friends, almost alone. Food and drink in abundance but a lack of human warmth. There is hope, however, the first vaccines have been approved. In Europe, after years, the Brexit is a fact.

The seasons of 2022

lente 21

Spring 2021

It will be a wet and grim spring. There is resistance to action. The restrictions continue and the first virus variants become visible. New corona waves flood the world.


Summer 2021. The European football cups and the vaccinations open the door of the cages. The little birds get freedom of movement again. The urge to bang is great. Nature is grim. The summer is particularly wet. Nature with numerous floods makes it a cool and grim summer.


Autumn 2021. Summer freedom is once again curtailed with new rules by corona variants. The warm colours of autumn are given a cooler touch. In Afghanistan, the Taliban takes control.


Winter 2021. A new corona wave puts the little birds back in their own cage. A second Christmas and New Year without major celebrations. Doctors warn and sound the alarm. The booster vaccines have to offer a solution against yet new variants. The atmosphere is cool and chilly.